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Empowerment Through Education

GVET operates in one of the remotest and most underserved parts of the country, so that every child can have access to good quality education, irrespective of their social or economic distinction.  We define good education, as

(a) The understanding of oneself – for it is within each one of us that the whole existence is gathered

(b) Learning To Persevere - to face the challenges of life and come out victorious, like a soaring eagle that rises on the winds that bring the storm

(c) Learning To Be Fearless – acquiring economic and psychological safety and to be free from fear, to flower in love and goodness.

The Future of Education Trust is dedicated to shaping a promising tomorrow through transformative educational initiatives. Committed to innovation, inclusivity, and excellence, we strive to revolutionize the education landscape by providing access to quality education, empowering students with essential skills, and preparing them for the opportunities and challenges of the future.


With a forward-thinking approach, collaborative partnerships, and a student-centred focus, the Future of Education Trust aims to be a catalyst for positive change, ensuring that every learner has the tools and resources needed to thrive in an ever-evolving world.

The future that we work for

Enable children to become well rounded, confident and responsible citizens through access to high-quality education

‘Well rounded’ implies balance and poise that comes from self-awareness, ‘confident’ means one with courage and strength of character and ‘responsible citizens’ implies people who treat their rights and duties the same. By high quality, we mean education that integrates all aspects of a child’s development - physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual.

Our Vision Statement

The School’s Philosophy

  • Learning through enquiry and reflection

  • Discouraging needless regimentation and competition

  • No-punishment No-reward policy

  • Ensuring children are happy to come to school

  • Encouraging open interactions, with the adults and in peer groups

Our Mission

  • Anna (Food) - Good, wholesome nutrition that sustains the body and keeps the mind ignited

  • Akshar (Knowledge) - Holistic education that infuses dignity, courage and confidence

  • Arogya (Health) - Habits for sound physical, mental and emotional health

  • Anukampa (Compassion) - Basing our actions on compassion and awakening the same in others

  • Adhyatma (Spiritual Wisdom) - Staying rooted, celebrating the Indian value-systems and heritage

  • Aranya (Afforestation) - Connectedness with nature, with traditional, sustainable living

People behind the project

Ganga Valley Educational Trust is backed by a a group of passionate educationists from across India. The team includes people with rich experience in creating and managing schools and comprises 2 Army veterans, a wealth planner, a corporate leader and 2 teachers / school administrators. In addition, a large number of donors, friends and well-wishers support us every step along the way.

Major Rohit Chaudhary


A Kargil war veteran with over 18 years of corporate experience.


Subramanian Kavasseri

Founder Trustee

An educator, philanthropist and successful entrepreneur - deeply associated with J Krishnamurthy schools.

Mr. Vinay Kumar Singh


A wealth advisory expert, responsible for fundraising and mobilising CSR funds. 


Mr. Ramesh Ramola


Administrator and ex-staffer of Rajghat Beasant School (KFI), Varanasi, now settled at Dunda.

Mr. Suryanarayan Ganti


An accomplished educationalist with over 30 years of experience in India, US and Qatar.

Col Krishna Kumar Mowar


A veteran with 30+ years of experience; including setting up of several greenfield schools.

The future of GVET

Building a Promising Tomorrow: The Future of Our Trust

Affordable, high-quality education

We strive to create affordable, high-quality education that is accessible to all, breaking down financial barriers while maintaining excellence.

Proudly reflect India’s heritage

We proudly integrate Indian heritage into our education system, fostering a deep appreciation and connection to our rich cultural legacy.

For up to 400 children

We aim to provide quality education to 400 children in the next three years, empowering them for a brighter future.

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