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Intentions of Ganga Valley Educational Trust

Ganga Valley Educational Trust (GVET) was established in 2007 to make quality education accessible to children in one of India’s remotest and most underserved districts, in Uttarakhand.

Here, private schools are far and few and Government schools are not up to the mark.  GVET exists so that every child - irrespective of the social or economic distinction - has access to good education. This is at the core of our efforts.

Devbhoomi God's Adobe

A journey on the ancient pilgrim route to Gangotri has mesmerized humans for ages. This region is sacred to spiritual seekers and considered the birthplace of Ayurveda. Along the Bhagirathi River, near Uttarkashi, lies Devidhar village. 


Many years ago, the need to provide better education to children here, tugged at the hearts of a few benevolent souls deeply.

I got this great opportunity to teach Science, Online, to students of class 7 and 8 at HBN School. Was glad to see the response and potential questions on the face of the students which required little excitation to be asked.

Col Gulshan Chawla

Online Teacher

GVET stands on the cusp between modernization and ingenuousness. If the local population can be convinced that they can lead good, healthy lives with their families and kids in their local communities, it will reduce migration to the plains and bigger cities. 

Suryanarayan Ganti


The journey of Happy by Nature School, since its birth in 2009 mirrors that of the nearby Bhagirathi river as it melts away at the glacial source and moves downhill over rocks, steep cliffs, calm valleys and man-made obstacles. 

Subramanian Kavasseri

Founder Trustee

Making an

Impact | Every Step Along the Way

Happy Children - Happy School

Our teaching methods are centred around happy and energetic children

Activity Based Learning

Teaching through hands-on practicals, encouraging wonderment and enquiry

Learning in Mixed Age Groups

Learning from each other in an environment free from fear and competition

Breathing In the Outdoors

Because nature is a great energizer and a source of unlimited excitement and joy

Rooted In Indian Value Systems

Our children learn Sanskrit and fluently chant mantras to purify their mind, body and soul everyday

Leaving No Child Behind

The teachers and management actively monitor each child’s progress and offer personalised feedback

Welcoming Volunteers

We invite volunteers from diverse backgrounds to come and spend time with the children for mutual enrichment

Consider Getting Involved - Through Vidya Daan

Through our Vidya Daan 100 campaign, we are nurturing One Hundred Happy Learners over a period of 3 years. The objective is to equip the children with - 

(a) Good knowledge of English language

(b) Age-appropriate Mathematics skills

(c) Self Awareness tools, so they are happy, confident and do not feel left out.


You can empower Vidya Daan 100 with your contribution.  It takes very little but every drop counts.

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